Remembrance Day

Today we went to the city’s official Remembrance Day ceremony. I thought our son would ask a lot of questions, since he usually does about everything. I thought we would have to have that hard conversation this year, about war and people dying. Nope. Maybe he was too tired for his brain to work properly, or maybe he’s just too young, but he never asked why soldiers were parading or what the poppy meant.

As airplanes were flying above us in the sky, my son was watching them in delight and I couldn’t help but think of kids of a different era for whom the passage of planes above their heads meant that bombs were soon to come. Our children don’t have that fear. They are lucky. We are lucky.

Last year, I encouraged everyone to go watch the video A pittance of time. This year, for a change, go watch the Highway of Heroes video by The Trews. Just because we may not agree with the wars our soldiers are fighting doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve our utmost respect and support.

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