Talking about our Halloween night, we ended up talking about pirates and our son said “Auntie was a pirate”. Since we were not with his aunt on that day, we didn’t understand what he was talking about.

- Who did you say? Andy? Is that a friend from preschool?
- No, Auntie.
- Angie?
- No, Auntie!, he said, getting more and more frustrated.

…Zak and I looked at each other, confused. And then I got it:
- Oh, Dora’s Auntie was dressed as a pirate, that’s true!

Dora (name changed to protect her privacy) is one of our friends and neighbors. Her aunt was over on Halloween night, dressed as a pirate. We then had a conversation about what an auntie was and why Dora’s aunt was not our son’s aunt, and he therefore shouldn’t really call her auntie. Complicated stuff!

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