My son is a genius…

Let’s just pretend it’s bragging week. And besides, it’s my blog, so too bad if you find me annoying!

My mom just bought our son an 84 piece puzzle, thinking he would need a lot of help but it would grow with him. After three days he could do it by himself. So we gave him the 100 piece puzzle we bought a while ago and were keeping hidden for later. He did it once with his grandmother. Then he did it by himself.

I know, it doesn’t mean he’s a genius, even though the box says 6+ and he’s 3. But I’m still claiming bragging rights.

Now to find friends who are willing to trade puzzles, else we go broke!

2 Responses to “My son is a genius…”

  1. Anne Says:

    I still have a hard time doing 100 pieces puzzle, but hey, I’m not pretending to be a genious! Doesn’t your public library lend puzzles?

  2. sophie Says:

    No, our library has no such thing… Yours does? You’re lucky!

    We exchanged two puzzles with a neighbor, but her puzzles are harder than ours so he got discouraged. Hopefully he’ll persevere…