The myth of the “perfect family”

Ever since we came home from the hospital, everyone comments on how we must be so happy now that we have a boy and a girl: the perfect family. We find it really annoying, because it seems to imply that if we had had two boys, it wouldn’t be a perfect family and maybe we wouldn’t even be happy. I know that boys get a bad rap these days. But the truth is, we really didn’t care. There are good and bad sides to each. Sure, I’m glad to have a girl. But I’m also scared shitless about her as a teenager. I mean, have you seen how 12-year-old dress lately? And two boys may have been closer than a boy and a girl will be. But then, again, they may not. And two boys could have shared a room forever. A boy and a girl will have to be separated eventually.

As I have said before, I’m just happy we don’t get to pick. I had my baby, and it’s perfect. So it’s a perfect family. Whether it’s a boy or a girl is irrelevant…

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