It’s a girl!

Finally had our baby on Wednesday… This will be short as I’m typing with one hand (our little girl is attached to my breasts permanently), but I thought I’d explain why I dropped from the face of the world. We didn’t need castor oil in the end, it all started naturally with an hour of contractions Tuesday night, then some more Wednesday morning. We went to the hospital around 10 am and she was born at 16:16. We were both a bot surprised to have a girl. She weighed 7 pounds, just like her big brother. Oh, and she’s my last. There is no way I am ever going through that again. And no, I won’t forget and change my mind later. If mine are easy labors, I can very well understand why other women get an epidural.

Anyway, it’s done, she is beautiful, and if our son hadn’t caught (and given me) a bad cold everything would be perfect. Oh, well, it would also be great if she slept a bit between feedings at night. Can’t even call it a feeding when it’s just one long blurry night of sucking. But she’s only 4 days old. On the bright side, she’s well hydrated and not jaundiced! Sleep will come later. Right?

2 Responses to “It’s a girl!”

  1. Anne Says:

    And what’s her name?

  2. Anne Says:

    Oups, I guess I forgot the part when I congratulate you parents for the birth of your beautiful daughter. Sorry. I was in a hurry to get an answer for my daughter.

    I guess we’ll get to see her next summer. To bad you live so far. Good luck!