Preschool mission accomplished!

We took our son to preschool this morning. It was only for an hour and we were told we could stay for about 20 minutes if need be. We sat in the corner of the classroom and our son went to play with the other kids. At first he came to see us several times to ask for help with the toys, but we tried to encourage him to do it by himself or ask the teachers. Then he sat at a table with Mr. Potato Head and the teacher sat with him for a while, and he seemed so happy that we left after about 15 minutes. We only had enough time to run an errand before we had to come back, but everything went perfectly well in our absence. Our son went to get water from his backpack when he was thirsty, found his teddy bear and took it to circle time, which was fine, and he was happy to tell us about the songs they sang and the story they read when we came back. But there was no tears and no anxiety. Yeah!

They are only 6 in his class for now, which is really nice. I suspect it may still increase, but for integration purposes, one adult per three kids is certainly a welcome luxury. All in all, we’re really happy with our choice of preschool. The teachers seemed really nice and they had obviously read the paperwork just before class – hence the “I thought you were due at the end of August” one teacher said to me… One of the children seems like he has special needs: he was completely non-verbal and was wearing diapers, which is not supposed to be allowed at all in preschool. From his actions, it seemed to me like he might be autistic. So our son will get used to diversity and different ability levels, and with only 6 kids it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. A new preschool opened nearby this year and we heard that this was the reason behind the small class. Well, we visited the other one and we are really happy with our decision to go with this preschool instead.

Now we’ll see what Thursday brings. But so far, so good!

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