Castor oil or no castor oil?

I have been drinking this tea with verbena oil that is supposed to encourage labor for two days now, and tomorrow was supposed to be the faithful day when I took a concoction made of apricot juice, water, almond butter, verbena oil and castor oil. I was kinda looking forward to it (despite hearing it was gross) because the midwives swear it is super effective. But now I am having major second thoughts.

From our Internet research, the medical community seems to be anti castor oil. It seems like it is effective because it induces diarrhea cramps, which in turn induce uterine cramps, and often labor. But it sounds like the diarrhea (and occasional vomiting) can bring on dehydration, which can make labor harder and more dangerous. Since I am prone to dehydration to start with, it makes me wonder if it’s such a good idea. The midwives were supposed to call me today, or else I was supposed to call them before taking the concoction. But I am starting to think that if they don’t call I will wait at least another day. I mean, I really want this baby to come out, but not at any price. I suspect the midwives will tell me that there is not enough castor oil in the concoction to induce diarrhea, but I have read on the Internet several accounts of women that took the same mix and regretted it. Of course, some others say it worked like a charm with no side effect at all.

So I’m still on the fence. To take or not to take castor oil? That is the question…

2 Responses to “Castor oil or no castor oil?”

  1. Julie et Darren Says:

    Toutes nos félicitations pour votre belle petite poupoune!!!!! Nous sommes super heureux pour vous! Avez-vous trouvé un prénom? Comment s’est déroulé l’accouchement? Satisfaite de ton expérience avec la sage-femme? J’ai bien hâte de connaître tes pensées et impressions! :)

    Gros bisous à toute la famille
    Julie et Darren xxxx

  2. Julie et Darren Says:

    Oh, et as-tu pris l’huile de castor, en fin de compte? ;)