Sleep, sleep, it’s always about sleep…

How do you get your preschooler to sleep? By the way, I can’t believe he’s now a preschooler, but he’s starting preschool on Tuesday, so I guess he has to be. Anyway, he won’t sleep. Well, he does go to sleep easily in the evening, usually around 7:30. Sometimes 8 when we can’t get him to bed early enough. But then he wakes up at 6:45 in the morning. Sounds like a good night when you have a baby that won’t sleep through the night, but the problem is, he doesn’t nap. So in order to be happy, he would need at least 12 hours of sleep. And he used to sleep in until 7:30 most mornings when I worked, which was enough for him to function. But he doesn’t seem to want to anymore.

So presented with the evidence of our son’s lack of sleep – the eye rubbing, the lack of listening, the uncontrollable giggling which turns into tantrums in the blink of an eye, the continual banging of his head or other body parts in every piece of furniture – we decided to try and make him nap again. He hasn’t napped much since Christmas, because it made him impossible to put to bed in the evening. The first time, he napped, and then was happy again and went to bed normally.  But the trouble continued.

We bought the “Ok to Wake Alarm Clock”, which turns green at a predetermined time to tell a child he has to remain in bed until that time. He does respect it, but he doesn’t sleep any more. He just gets up at 6:45 to go pee, then he plays in bed for a while, then he gets up again to poo, then waits until the clock turns green at 7:30. So we get to stay in bed a bit longer, but he’s not any more rested. When we tried to make him nap again another day, he just played for 20 minutes and then claimed he was done. Next time, we tried the nap feature of the alarm clock, so he would have to stay in bed for at least an hour at nap time. But as soon as the clock lit up, he jumped out of his bedroom and admitted he hadn’t slept at all, just played watching the clock.

We did manage to get him to nap today, but that was after 2 hours of him refusing to. It’s quite draining for everyone. Of course, we could try to put him to bed earlier, but it’s hard to do. So we’re quite worried about how preschool will go if our preschooler is so sleep-deprived.

You know, I thought the sleep issue would end when our child would sleep through the night. Boy, was I wrong! It just never ends! And then we’ll start the cycle again when the baby is born. If it is ever born. I’m starting to wonder. Or despair. Or worry. Or all of the above…

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