The last nice days of summer

I thought summer was over last week when we had a day of torrential rain and really cold weather. Then the next day it was sunny and 20 degrees, so we headed for the beach to take advantage of it. It was nice to toast in the sun a little, knowing that the UV index is not too high for us to indulge.

Here are some photos to enjoy in the cold winter months ahead!

Just a thought…

To all the crazy old ladies who told me that they KNEW I was going to have a boy… One of them even added that she had never been wrong… Well, you were wrong. Of course, she will never know she was wrong since I will never see her again. But my baby is definitely a girl!

Here they are…

On the left, my son three years ago. On the right, my daughter at about the same age. Any resemblance?

I was looking at our photos trying to find one where they were in similar poses, and what strikes me is how much more awake our daughter seems to be. We have tons of photos of our son sleeping in the first few days. The photos we have of our daughters are all of her awake making faces. Maybe it’s just because when she sleeps, we sleep too instead of taking photos. But she does seem more aware of her surroundings. More to come… hopefully!

Shhh… She’s sleeping

Ok, a sleeping baby is not that big of a deal. The big deal is, she’s not sleeping on me. She’s been on her own for about 30 minutes! So much free time! Of course, I still wouldn’t dare have a shower when I’m alone with her as I know she’ll wake up screaming in the middle of my shampoo. So I’m still in pajamas. But I was able to do a few chores. Oh, and now I’m blogging again. Nice! Don’t get used to it though. It could end very abruptly!

So since I was last on this blog, we have been dealing with a 3-year-old who acts out any chance he has and a newborn with thrush (du muguet, pour les francophones). We are treating the thrush, but we are not impressed with the midwives on that one: I think she has had thrush for a long while (we have a photo of her on day 2 sticking a completely white tongue), but the midwives never looked into her mouth. We thought it was just milk deposits, but after a while, it seemed suspicious. And when I called the midwife on Thursday, she said she would try to come that afternoon and never did, so I had to call back the next morning. They were dealing with 3 women in labor, so in the end they just faxed a prescription to the pharmacy. I understand that September is the busiest time of the year, but what about me? Just kidding. Sort of. Thrush sucks. I wanted it treated as fast as possible. Now the drug we have to give her is extremely disgusting (well I haven’t tasted it, but it smells a bit like those banana antibiotics I was given as a child) and she spits it all up when she has a chance. But hopefully it will still work.

On the bright side, breastfeeding is still less painful than it has been with my son, even with thrush. And the baby sleeps decently at night, with 3-hour stretches once or twice a night. Only downside: she sleeps on me. Sometimes she’ll be nice enough to allow me to move her to Zak’s chest in the morning so I can actually lie down comfortably for 2 hours. Sometimes it doesn’t work. My back hurts. But eh, she’s only 11 days old. And through all that, I try to stay zen: it’s my last baby. I will miss having a little bundle of hot, hot joy making me sweat all night. I sound sarcastic, but I’m serious. I’m sure that in a few years, when my son will be all grown up (i.e., in school) and my daughter will be in her “I want only Papa” period, I’ll long for these days long gone. So I try to take things one day at a time and enjoy.

Of course, it’s easier said than done when, like this morning, I change her diaper and she poops on me, then pees on me, then pees on me again. Breath in, breath out. And call Zak for help.

Now if only we didn’t have to stop our son from doing something completely ridiculously dangerous or stupid every 5 minutes, life would be a lot easier!

My mom should help with that. She’s coming to spend two weeks with us soon, so we’ll be able to send her out to play with our son once in a while. I think he’s been cooped up in the house too much. Not that we don’t want to get out, but we usually don’t manage to get ready until 11 or so in the morning. And maybe some of the things we get upset with him about are not that bad if you’re not sleep-deprived. In the meantime, our friends in the Co-op have started a food train: every other day until the beginning of October, we are getting a free meal from one of our neighbors. It’s such a great idea! I mean, cooking meals is one thing: Zak usually manages quite well. The problem is the dishes that have to be done after. That takes a lot of time. And since I’m usually stuck on the couch either feeding or holding a sleeping baby (because if I put her down she’ll wake up and be fussy again and need to drink and…), he’s stuck with most (if not all) of the chores by himself. So for the next two weeks we will be treated to all sorts of culinary discoveries. I love living in a housing Co-op!

Well, I think my rest is over now. Baby is grunting, I think she’s waking up, and besides, there is laundry to fold, poopy diapers to wash, etc. But it was nice to talk to you (whoever you are) for a minute. I’ll try to be back!

It’s a girl!

Finally had our baby on Wednesday… This will be short as I’m typing with one hand (our little girl is attached to my breasts permanently), but I thought I’d explain why I dropped from the face of the world. We didn’t need castor oil in the end, it all started naturally with an hour of contractions Tuesday night, then some more Wednesday morning. We went to the hospital around 10 am and she was born at 16:16. We were both a bot surprised to have a girl. She weighed 7 pounds, just like her big brother. Oh, and she’s my last. There is no way I am ever going through that again. And no, I won’t forget and change my mind later. If mine are easy labors, I can very well understand why other women get an epidural.

Anyway, it’s done, she is beautiful, and if our son hadn’t caught (and given me) a bad cold everything would be perfect. Oh, well, it would also be great if she slept a bit between feedings at night. Can’t even call it a feeding when it’s just one long blurry night of sucking. But she’s only 4 days old. On the bright side, she’s well hydrated and not jaundiced! Sleep will come later. Right?

Castor oil or no castor oil?

I have been drinking this tea with verbena oil that is supposed to encourage labor for two days now, and tomorrow was supposed to be the faithful day when I took a concoction made of apricot juice, water, almond butter, verbena oil and castor oil. I was kinda looking forward to it (despite hearing it was gross) because the midwives swear it is super effective. But now I am having major second thoughts.

From our Internet research, the medical community seems to be anti castor oil. It seems like it is effective because it induces diarrhea cramps, which in turn induce uterine cramps, and often labor. But it sounds like the diarrhea (and occasional vomiting) can bring on dehydration, which can make labor harder and more dangerous. Since I am prone to dehydration to start with, it makes me wonder if it’s such a good idea. The midwives were supposed to call me today, or else I was supposed to call them before taking the concoction. But I am starting to think that if they don’t call I will wait at least another day. I mean, I really want this baby to come out, but not at any price. I suspect the midwives will tell me that there is not enough castor oil in the concoction to induce diarrhea, but I have read on the Internet several accounts of women that took the same mix and regretted it. Of course, some others say it worked like a charm with no side effect at all.

So I’m still on the fence. To take or not to take castor oil? That is the question…

Preschool mission accomplished!

We took our son to preschool this morning. It was only for an hour and we were told we could stay for about 20 minutes if need be. We sat in the corner of the classroom and our son went to play with the other kids. At first he came to see us several times to ask for help with the toys, but we tried to encourage him to do it by himself or ask the teachers. Then he sat at a table with Mr. Potato Head and the teacher sat with him for a while, and he seemed so happy that we left after about 15 minutes. We only had enough time to run an errand before we had to come back, but everything went perfectly well in our absence. Our son went to get water from his backpack when he was thirsty, found his teddy bear and took it to circle time, which was fine, and he was happy to tell us about the songs they sang and the story they read when we came back. But there was no tears and no anxiety. Yeah!

They are only 6 in his class for now, which is really nice. I suspect it may still increase, but for integration purposes, one adult per three kids is certainly a welcome luxury. All in all, we’re really happy with our choice of preschool. The teachers seemed really nice and they had obviously read the paperwork just before class – hence the “I thought you were due at the end of August” one teacher said to me… One of the children seems like he has special needs: he was completely non-verbal and was wearing diapers, which is not supposed to be allowed at all in preschool. From his actions, it seemed to me like he might be autistic. So our son will get used to diversity and different ability levels, and with only 6 kids it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. A new preschool opened nearby this year and we heard that this was the reason behind the small class. Well, we visited the other one and we are really happy with our decision to go with this preschool instead.

Now we’ll see what Thursday brings. But so far, so good!