39 weeks and 3 days

I have reached this milestone in my pregnancy: that is how long I was pregnant with my son. Now I was really hoping this baby would be out faster than that, so I’m starting to think he/she is taking their sweet time. Is it that comfy inside that he doesn’t want to come out? Today we told our son that he should talk the baby into coming out already, so he’s been talking to my belly saying “Come out, baby!” It’s really cute, but still not working.

The big thing now is that Zak and our son have tickets to go see a really cool show on Saturday morning. We bought only two tickets thinking that chances were I wouldn’t be in any shape to go, whether because I’d be 40 weeks pregnant or because we’d have a newborn. But what would suck is if the baby decided to come that same day. Because then Zak couldn’t go, and I’m not sure if we would find someone to take our boy. It would be a lot of money wasted if we cannot go. But there’s still hope. There’s time for the baby to be born tonight or tomorrow. Or he can stay inside until Saturday afternoon. But I vote for tomorrow. I’m ready.

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