Should I be worried?

We went on a visit of the Maternity Ward at the hospital where I am supposed to give birth… Our hope was that by seeing where we would be for the birth, our son would be less worried about us leaving him behind (to be cared for by someone else). I’m not sure it worked as there were so many couples that it was hard for our boy to see. And a side effect of the visit is: now I’m the one who’s worried.

The nurse who did the tour with us, who is one of the Maternity nurses, actually said that “babies are born blind” and that “they can’t recognize your face until they’re about six months old”. She also mentioned really deep things like “breast milk is better for the baby because it reduces the risks of allergies and stuff”, and that “the content of breast milk is actually better for the baby than formula”. At least those last two are true. Broad and obvious to any parent who has read anything (even formula advertisements admit that breast is best), but not false, unlike the first two.

Every single book I have ever read about babies says that they can see about the distance from the breast to the face when they are born. I also remember reading that they cannot focus very well and things are blurry, but they are certainly not blind. When I did a quick search tonight, I found that new studies seem to show that babies can see much further than the 10 inches usually stated, although they cannot focus their gaze accurately. As for not recognizing a face before 6 months, that’s just ridiculous! And she’s a maternity ward nurse! I guess it’s better than pediatrics, she only has to deal with the babies for a few days. But it did get me worried. I do not want this nurse to be the one with me at my child’s birth!

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