On good food and friends

We just came back from some friends of ours. They invited us to an Indian dinner. They made dahl, chicken, rice and naan bread… We (well, mostly Zak) made samosas and Indian spiced donuts. It was the first time either of us made donuts, and we were amazed with how easy it turned out to be. They are also relatively healthy because they are made with whole-wheat flour and absorb very little oil. But most of all, they are amazingly yummy! I mean, the other foods were also very good, but the donuts! Wow!

It’s really great to have those friends around because not only are they very nice and interesting, they have a son that ours loves to play with and who has lots of cool toys. So while we adults were having a meaningful conversation downstairs, the kids were playing upstairs in the boy’s bedroom, interrupting us only once every few minutes instead of the usual every few seconds. And best of all: they live in our building. So when the kids get too tired, when we realize it’s late and we should put everyone to bed, we are only an elevator ride away from home.

For quite a while after we moved to Vancouver we didn’t have many friends. We would meet people and then they would move away. It was very frustrating. And to be fair, my best friend is still the one I have had since sixth grade and who lives at the other end of the country. But in the last few years, we have met lots of nice people around here, some in prenatal classes or some other ways linked to our son, and many in our building. It’s people that we can have dinner or tea or a beer with once in a while, people we can trade recipes with, people we can count on to water our plants when we go away or to borrow an egg from when we realize we’re short one in the middle of baking something. More than that: I know I could count on them to take care of my child in an emergency.

So as I am reflecting upon my day, I am thinking that it’s good to have friends again…

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