That was a party!

We had a few friends of our son’s here tonight for his birthday. We blew up tons of small balloons, plus two giant 3-foot ones, and the kids hit them around the courtyard for a while. Then we had the awesome cake Zak had spent the whole week preparing. In case I haven’t mentioned it yet, here is how it goes: home made chocolate-butter cookies crumbled into a crust mixed with home-made fudge sauce to hold it together, then a layer of home-made chocolate ice cream, followed by another layer of crust, then home-made vanilla ice cream. He shaped it like a moon, made craters and added moon characters for authenticity and more crumbled cookies for meteors (and yumminess). It took several days because each step had to be done separately. But let me tell you: no adult actually passed up on it. Many had seconds. A few even had thirds. Here’s what it looked like:

Birthday cake

It went remarkably well. There was no tantrums (none! and we had five kids between barely two and just over four!). Our son didn’t even cry when one of the giant balloons popped. He shared the balloons and other toys, he spent about 45 minutes eating cake (while all the other kids had gone back to playing), he put cake all over himself (which is part of the fun, right?) and I had time for decent, adult conversation with friends of ours.

Our boy went biking on his new bike this morning and he can already bike by himself! Zak had to help him get started, but then he actually let go of the bike and it was fine. Without training wheels. On a 16 inch bike. On his third birthday. I’m impressed. Maybe it’s the flames on his helmet? And no, he didn’t go down that hill. Not today. But it will come. I’m scared already!


Today was also my last day of work until August 15, 2011! That was nice to write on my out-of-office auto-reply message. Officially I’m on holiday next week, then my mat leave starts. I hope the baby waits at least a couple of weeks so that the two kids are not too close together – you know, so that Zak has time to do another ice cream cake in the interval. I know kids hate it when their birthdays are so close together that they get celebrated together. But we’ll see. We’re not quite ready yet… I have a foot-long to-do list.

Maybe I’ll start with going to bed. Now that I’m off, sleeping is at the top of my preoccupations.

Good night!

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  1. Julie et Darren Says:

    Impressive cake, Zak! And great as usual, I’m sure. :)