Happy birthday!

My son is turning three today. I can hardly believe it. He’s not a toddler anymore. He’s officially a preschooler. What can (should) I say about (to) him on this very special day? How can I explain this amazing trip journey I have taken because of him in the last three years. He has changed our lives, all right. And over the years there have been some good and some bad days. But overall, of course, I could never imagine going back to how it was before he was here.

My son was born on a Statutory holiday, a Monday, after a very short and (relatively) easy labor. Through the ordeal (all 7 hours of it), Zak was amazing. Our doctor was amazing. The labor nurse was amazing. My son was, of course, amazing. He still is.

Those three years went by so fast! My baby boy went from, as my brother so nicely put it, a state close to that of a larvae to a full-fledged human that cannot go unacknowledged. From not being able to hold up his head to walking, then running, and now biking. From crying to babbling to saying a few words to showing a sense of humor to sustaining long conversations on complicated concepts. And we have changed, too. Becoming parents is hard, but I think it makes us better people. At least on most days.

My son fascinates me every day with his cleverness. He has the funnest imagination. He is super affectionate – with me, we could even say clingy, but he’s affectionate with Zak too and doesn’t spare hugs and kisses. He’s social with other people. He loves animals, diggers and space shuttles, sports of all sorts, fruits, chocolate and ice cream. Especially chocolate ice cream.

Three years ago (already?), I was holding him against me for the first time. Now I am about to give birth to his sibling. I am slightly terrified at the thought of what will happen, but I am hoping we will find a balance that won’t be too hard for him. I know I won’t be able to focus as much attention on my big boy anymore, but he will never cease to be special to me. It’s with him that I became a mother, and I know that thanks to him I will feel more competent this time around. It’s him that made my husband into a stay-at-home dad – the best I could have imagined. And although he has tested our marriage in more than one ways, he has also cemented it in just as many ways.

He is only three, and yet he is so grown up. He is reaching milestones towards independence every day. This year, he was weaned. He stopped wearing diapers (except at night, and even then he’s dry most nights). He started really playing with other children. He developed language to an all-new level and now masters really complicated thought processes. Him and I were separated for several days for the first time. He officially outgrew the backpack carrier, which means he now has to walk when we go hiking (which means we can’t hike much anymore). He learned to pick fruit. He started having nightmares. And he just received, for his birthday, a big boy bike – with pedals. I’m telling you: he’s taking wings.

Next year will be just as busy. He will, of course, have a sibling soon, but he will also start preschool in September. That will be a big one! I really hope we’ll be able to keep giving him our best despite having to share our attention with another child. He deserves it. He can be so stubborn, but he is also so smart! Sometimes we worry about him acting aggressively, but he can also show so much empathy!

I know this post is very random, but there are so many things I would like to say, so many things I would like my son to be able to read some day. Especially how much I love him. I will never stop loving him, just like I haven’t stopped loving him since that day three years ago when he decided it was time to see the world. I will be there to hold and hug him for as long as he needs me nearby. No matter what happens, I’ll always be his mother.

Bonne fête mon amour!

5 Responses to “Happy birthday!”

  1. Julie et Darren Says:

    Bonne fête Elliot! 3 ans déjà, quel grand garçon!

    Gros bisous de Julie et Darren xx

  2. sophie Says:

    Merci pour les voeux… Contente de savoir que tu viens lire mon blogue de temps en temps!

  3. Julie et Darren Says:

    On pense toujours à vous! Et je sais que la fête d’Elliot est juste avant notre anniversaire, à Darren et à moi. 3 ans pour nous aussi! ;)

    Avez-vous vu “The Business of Being Born”? Je serai très curieuse de savoir tes impressions d’un accouchement avec sage-femme (une expérience pas tout à fait à 100% positive pour vous jusqu’à maintenant, à ce que je vois).

    Bon congé de maternité! :)

    PS: joli, le nouveau site!

  4. sophie Says:

    Non, on n’a pas vu The Business of Being Born… Est-ce que je devrais le voir avant d’avoir le bébé? Il n’y a pas trop de scènes d’horreur? :-)

  5. Julie Says:

    Pas de scènes d’horreur que je me souvienne. ;) Ça porte sur le fait que la naissance est un événement naturel traité, de nos jours, comme une intervention médicale majeure. Le film est TRES en faveur des naissances avec sage-femme. Vous n’apprendriez probablement rien de nouveau, mais c’est intéressant! :)