What a night!

I hear my son’s door open (noisily) in the middle of the night. I lie, awake but waiting, to see if he will need me or figure things out on his own (he never has, but there’s always a first)… I’m pretty sure he takes a look in our bedroom to see if we’re still there, sleeping, but we don’t move, so he then makes his way to the bathroom. Then I hear the inevitable:

- Maman…
- Mmm?
- I can’t take off my diaper!

I slowly shift my weight (my huge weight) and try to make it out of bed. It’s made harder by the presence of the crib by the bed. I was going to say the empty crib, but the truth is, it’s not empty. It’s full of crap. We need to clean up!

I make it to the bathroom, where my son has already figured it all out. Once he’s done peeing, I take his place and he goes back to bed on his own. I was useless this time. I wish I could have stayed asleep – or at least in bed. Anyway, when I’m done I go shut the door to his bedroom that he left slightly ajar. Then he calls me back.

- Maman!
- Yes?
- I want the door partly open.
- No, love. We might wake you up in the morning. Better have it closed.

I glance at my watch as I go back to bed. It’s 4:20. Zak joins me after going to the washroom, too. We try to fall back asleep. For some reason, my brain won’t shut down: I am thinking about baby names. But I’m slowly drifting back to sleep when I hear my son’s bedroom door open again.

- Maman?
- Go back to bed!
- Maman, is it wake up time?
- No! It’s the middle of the night. Go back to sleep.

He goes back to bed, but leaves the door ajar. At this point I don’t care anymore. I want to sleep. I’m not going to get up again. I fall back asleep after what seems like a very, very long time tossing and turning. Then, way too soon, I hear my son get up.

- Maman, I woke up.

I glance at my watch. It’s 6:30.

- It’s too early, go back to bed.
- I can’t sleep anymore!

Zak and I stay in bed, pretending to sleep. Our son used to wake up that early all the time, but since he stopped napping in the afternoon, he usually sleeps past 7, sometimes even until 8. When he wakes up before 7, he’s usually cranky all day. So anyway, we stay in bed, but our son is not going back to sleep. We can hear some rummaging, and then:

- Maman, I’m ready to go downstairs. I have a shirt and shorts.
- Then go downstairs, says Zak.

We got up not long after that. But our son had gone downstairs and was calmly playing with his toys by himself. Maybe that means we can start sending him off to play, and stay in bed, when he wakes up early in the morning? Oh, wait. We’re having another baby.


I’m tired today. Wonder why.

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