I need some sleep!

What happens when you’re 35 weeks pregnant and your preschooler wakes up two nights in a row with nightmares? You get exhausted, that’s what! Even when Zak goes to comfort him, it still wakes me up. Hopefully, if he keeps that up after the baby arrives, he’ll time himself with when I’m already up nursing, not with when the baby is finally sleeping!

I have trouble functioning this morning. Luckily, things are pretty slow at work these days, and it’s the Friday of a long weekend, after which I have only 4 more days of work before my mat leave. The hard thing will be getting my son used to the fact that although I am not working, I will not go around town with him and his dad all day either: I’m supposed to be resting. And God knows I need it!

On the bright side, despite my exhaustion, I was still able to exercise on Wednesday, I’m still walking to work at a decent pace, the baby seems to be head down and the summer is not too hot. Now if only we had more room in our apartment to store all the baby stuff, the junk that’s in the crib (it used to be by the bed in our bedroom, but that’s where the crib had to go), the fruit we brought back from Kelowna, the preserves Zak is working on, our son’s toys, etc. Maybe in my next life I’ll live in a place where I can afford a house.

Oh well. My appartment is much more environmental.

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