Back for good

We just came back from Kelowna on our last trip for the foreseeable future. I’m now 35 weeks pregnant, so we will be staying put from now on. God knows when we’ll have the courage to travel next with the baby plus our now preschooler. But anyway, we had a great, hot time in very sunny, 35 degrees plus Kelowna. I sat under a tree in the shade a lot while the boys were picking fruit. We came back with 9 boxes of apricots and 3 boxes of cherries, and since then, Zak has been making apricot fruit leather, dried cherries, apricot pancakes, etc. etc. etc. We still have tons of apricots quickly becoming overripe.

Here are a few photos:

Driving great-grandma’s tractor

Driving great-grandma’s tractor… Don’t worry, it’s not actually on. He just likes to pretend he’s backing it up.

Pitting cherries

Pitting cherries with Papa… Lots of cherries!

Up the big ladder

Up the big ladder picking cherries. Climbing the ladder was really where the fun was. He would pick two or three and then declare he had to go higher in order to reach more.

Into the apricot tree

In the apricot tree.

My big belly

That would be me and my big belly. I picked only the fruit that I could reach from the ground, and even then, not for very long as I found it hard to reach up for long stretches at a time. I also did a lot of lying on the ground watching others picking fruit. I guess it’s the privilege of 8-month-pregnant ladies!

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