It has begun

If you have ever been pregnant or read a pregnancy book, you probably know that hair stops falling while you’re pregnant. That’s why pregnant women seem to have lush and full hair: they have more because they don’t lose as many. However, once you have your baby, all of the hair that didn’t fall in the last 9 months seem to all fall at the same time. Some women even develop bald spots. And then everything goes back to normal.

Well, I don’t do things according to textbooks. With my first pregnancy, I had noticed that my hair started falling before I had the baby. And it seems to have happened again: these days, I can fill up a brush with dead hair in one day. Good thing we installed screens on our drains or else I would plug them all real bad!

The big surprise will be how my hair will end up after the baby. I had always had very straight hair, so straight that an iron couldn’t do much about it, so straight that when my best friend tried crimping it in grade 6 (I swear it was in back then), it wouldn’t work at all. After my son was born, my hair went curly. Well, not really curly, but wavy. Enough for the hairdresser to comment. I know it is normal for hair to change after a pregnancy, what with the hormones and all that. But I’m quite happy with the hair I have now, so I hope it stays similar this time!

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