My empathetic child

My son went to the water park with Zak as well as a friend of ours with her son. He’s a year older than our boy and they have a love-hate relationship: they love to play together and miss each other sorely when one of them is away, but they end up fighting really fast when they do play together. The dynamics is this: the other boy gets frustrated easily, and our son really loves to push his buttons and knows exactly what they are. If one of them didn’t sleep long enough or if we can’t stop them fast enough, it can get ugly. But they can also play well together and we really like his parents, so we keep trying.

Long detour to say that at the water park, our boy threw sand at his friend (on his knees or feet) and in retaliation, the friend threw sand at our boy. Two full hands of sand and small rocks from the playground. Straight into his eyes.

Zak spent a good 20 minutes cleaning up our son’s eyes while his friend was getting scolded by his mom. Once again, our son was amazing about staying still and letting his dad flush them with water before he had time to rub his eyes and scratch them. Apparently it was really bad and we’re lucky he was ok. I’m really glad I missed it this time! Meanwhile, the other child was bawling his eyes out because he was being told he was going home and would be grounded for the rest of the day.

Well, what do you think our son did when he was finally declared fixed and allowed to get up? He went straight to his friend to give him a hug, because he was crying!

Sometimes I’m ashamed of my son. But times like these help me forget all about it!

Now here is to hoping we avoid any major injury until the end of the summer…

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