Thief alert!

Someone stole our door mat!

I know, it sounds utterly ridiculous, doesn’t it? I mean, everyone has a door mat and to my knowledge, nobody ever had to use a bike lock to keep it at their door. Who goes around thinking “Oh, what a nice door mat, it would look really good right by my azaleas, I think I’ll bring it home”.

But there’s worse: I live in a housing coop. In a closed building. You need a key to get to my floor. Which means that my mat was stolen either by a neighbor (and I know most of them), or by one of their visitors. Granted, I wouldn’t trust every one of my neighbors. But still, who does that?

When I noticed the theft on Tuesday morning, I gave whoever took it the benefit of the doubt: maybe someone’s cat or dog peed on it and someone their owner wants to wash it before returning it. But even someone as naive as I am didn’t really believe it. And after two whole days, now, I figure it has probably disappeared forever.

But who can be so desperate that they feel the need to steal a door mat? I wish I knew!

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