I love Value Village

On our trip to Kelowna, as I mentioned, we stopped at Value Village. The actual goal was not to buy a bike but to look at clothes for our son  and for the baby. My cousin lent me a ton of clothes when my son was born, but I gave them back to her and she has since gotten rid of them, so this time around I have a lot less stuff. I bought 6 tiny pajamas for 3 and 6 months old and it cost me $8! They are cute and in perfect condition. I LOVE buying baby clothes!

It’s amazing how a few pairs of pajamas suddenly make me feel like I’m a lot more ready for the baby’s arrival. Of course, we still need to switch our bedroom around to make room for the crib, buy (and set up) a crib, make some room for the baby clothes and diapers in an accessible place (as opposed to in our son’s closet), find a diaper pail (and something to use as a change table) for our bedroom… Basically, we are not ready at all. And although there is still three months left, I am starting to feel like we should hurry a bit since there are holidays coming and we’ll be a lot busier. But heck, I have pajamas! All is good!

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