You know you planted too many things when…

So Zak went a bit overboard this year with greenery. I guess he was upset about all those summers when he didn’t have the time – or energy – to plant anything… He had put a lot of effort on our balcony planters one year, then we went away for two weeks at the end of June and when we came back everything was dead. The dead plants stayed for several years, until this year.

So Zak bought more planters and replanted the ones we had. We now have strawberries, corn, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, kohlrabi, peas, rosemary, parsley, sage, origin, cilantro, mint and catnip growing on our balcony. Plus we have green onion, more carrots, basil, more tomatoes, more parsley and more cilantro growing from seeds in some inside planters. Not much space left – there are pots everywhere. But if it works, it will be yummy!

Now the reason for the title? You know you planted too many things when you bake fries one evening, and your almost-3-year-old exclaims:
- That’s good Papa, we should plant some of those!

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