Getting ready for the new baby

Although I am far from being ready for the arrival of our new baby, I notice that our son seems to be talking about it more and more, asking questions, etc. We try to let him lead – we don’t push the subject, but encourage him when he shows interest. Last night was just too cute… I was folding laundry with  my toddler, who noticed the tiny newborn outfit that just came out of the wash. It’s the outfit our son wore when he came home from the hospital, but we used it recently to dress up Jeffrey, a doll that was lent to us by a nice neighbor. Since we got a new fireman outfit from another nice neighbor, Jefferey has stopped wearing those pajamas so I washed them to put them back with the baby stuff.

- Maman, that’s for Jeffrey.
- Well, since Jeffrey is not wearing it anymore, maybe our baby can wear it when he’s born.
- Do you have Jeffrey in your tummy?
- No, our baby won’t be like Jeffrey. Jeffrey never cries or moves or does anything!
- He’s a toy baby.
- Right, he’s a toy baby. Our baby will be real so he will cry, and poop, and drink milk, and…
- Oh, maman, wait a minute!

My boy started in a hurry towards the stairs. Curious, I followed him. Seeing me following him, he turned back towards me:

- Maman, how are we going to comfort him?
- Our baby? Well, it depends, some babies like to be rocked, or cuddled, or…
- Wait for me, maman. Wait for me right here. I’m going to go get something for the baby.

He seemed so excited, I was really wondering what he was up to. He went down the stairs and I heard him ask:

- Papa, where is the, hmmm… the thing…. the thing that goes in the mouth?

Zak, not having followed the previous conversation, was stumped. But I understood what he was looking for – and it brought a huge smile on my face. See, Jeffrey came with a pacifier. The doll is really old (like, probably 25 years old), the pacifier is old, cracked, hard plastic (and probably toxic), so we put it away, not wanting our son to start putting it in his mouth. That’s what he was looking for last night. The pacifier. To give it to our baby to comfort him…

Let’s just hope it’s a sign of good things to come!

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