The home birth debate

So there is news on the decision front! At our last appointment I asked our midwife what they meant by “early discharge”, something that had been mentioned to me before as a perk of going with a midwife. Turns out when you are being cared for by a midwife, you can go home 2 hours after an uncomplicated vaginal birth. So although I haven’t made a final decision yet, I feel pretty confident that a 2-hour stint in a hospital is worth not having to clean up a mess or worry about anything else. Of course, I can still stay longer if I feel the need for it. And of course, that doesn’t take into account the length of labor. But given my first experience, I am hoping labor will be short and if all goes well, I can leave my son in the care of a friend for only part of a day.

We are also reconsidering our hospital of choice. The Women’s hospital we gave birth at the first time was great, and as annoying as the nurses seemed at 2 in the morning, we received really good care. But it’s a 20-minute ride from our house, and we don’t have a car. That means taxi to get there (easy enough), but also taxi or bus for Zak if he wants to go get our son to visit (if I have to stay in the hospital longer than hoped for), etc. If we are really going to be there for just a few hours, it’s kind of a pain in the ass. And although the maternity room I was given was amazing, if those are full and you get relegated to the older rooms, they are pretty dingy!

Now there is a hospital 2 blocks from home that will also do delivery. As it is a general hospital, if I needed a C-section, I couldn’t have my baby with me in the recovery room, unlike the Women’s hospital. And the Women’s hospital has a breast milk bank, which can be used if I cannot breastfeed right away for any reason. But as those two scenarios are unlikely (given my first experience), it is tempting to go to the closer hospital. We could probably walk there, my son could come visit easily, Zak could even go home to put him to bed and be back within an hour if we have to stay at the hospital overnight. They only have single-occupancy maternity rooms. And from what I have heard, they are just as competent.

So we may change our plans completely. Or I may get cold feet and go back to what I already know (I’m like that sometimes). We’ll see!

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