I don’t care about hockey…

In this period of hockey play-offs, I had to come clean. I really don’t care about hockey.

It wasn’t always like that. I followed hockey religiously until May 25, 1995. The day the Nordiques were sold to American interests. Until that day, I had been a huge fan of the Québec team – I watched or listened to every game, I knew the name and the number of every player, I went to as many games as I could afford, I had even worked for the team, although in the very unglamorous position of program seller, which meant mostly dressing in a skirt and putting up with drunk men asking us if they could buy us with the program.

Then my beloved team moved to Colorado. You have to understand that growing up as a fan of the Québec Nordiques meant growing up to hate the Montréal Canadians – it was part of the job description. So I hated Montréal with a passion, and when Québec was left without a team, so was I. I couldn’t possibly start rooting for the devil (Montréal) when I had spent the first 18 years of my life hating it. To make things worse, after years and years of cheering for a team that wasn’t going anywhere, “my” team went on to win the Stanley Cup for Colorado. I was devastated.

Ant that was the end of it. I was without a team, so I found other ways to spend my time. I also grew up and started wondering if professional sports were actually worth all the money and energy people spend on them. Questions started popping into my head, questions like, if all these people spent all that energy to solve the world’s worst problems instead of watching hockey for hours, how much better off would the world be? And with that in mind, I never watched a full hockey game again.

Now it’s playoff season. Both the Canadians and the Canucks won their first game last night. I know that because they talked about it on the news, but I really don’t care. On one hand, I wish the Canucks luck because their successes bring money and ambiance to my town. But they’re not “my” team. They are mercenaries, very well paid to PLAY A GAME! So on the other hand, I kinda wish they lose so we can start talking about something else.

Now I guess I should go buy an umbrella to protect myself from the tomatoes people are going to start throwing at me! And maybe next time I’ll tell you all about how I used to love baseball – until the Montréal Expos were sold to American interests…

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