So it seems like…

…there’s a baby in my tummy after all!

This has been the running gag ever since we told our son I was pregnant. We were afraid something would happen since it was so early in my pregnancy, so we told him that “we thought there was a baby in mummy’s tummy, but we had to go see a doctor who would verify”. That was just before the ultrasound. Turns out there was something, although calling it a baby at that point was a bit of a stretch, so we baptized “it” plancton as it was even smaller than the “shrimp” we had seen at the first ultrasound of my first pregnancy. Zak and our boy have continued the joke, with our son saying “There’s a baby in mummy’s tummy” and Zak responding “You think? No! I don’t believe it!”

Between my crazy work schedule during the Olympics and my switching from doctor to midwife, I ended up skipping some apointments, and now at 16 weeks I still hadn’t had any physical examination done. So since I saw the plancton on the ultrasound, I had received no other proof that I was actually pregnant – except, of course, for my quickly-expanding belly. Obviously, I had no real doubt I was pregnant, but when you can’t feel the baby yet and you haven’t heard the heartbeat, it can all seem rather unreal.

Yesterday afternoon, we went for our first real apointment with the midwife, and we heard the heartbeat. It was definitely there, and everything else seems in order, too. So there is something with a heartbeat in my belly. It’s a pretty good start! Now only three more weeks and I’ll have another ultrasound – and yet another proof that the growth in my belly is caused by an actual child.

I guess it’s almost time to start thinking of a name…

One Response to “So it seems like…”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Je trouve que tu prends les bonnes décisions!!!! Vous êtes de bons parents, vous vous préoccupez de votre petit bonhomme, et le prochain sera logé à la même enseigne!! Bravo!!! Il ne peut que bien vivre l’arrivée de son petit frère ou petite soeur!!! Gros becs!!!