First skate – Updated

Since the Olympic Games have begun, our son has been asking to go ice skating. Partly because he saw figure skaters, speed skaters and hockey players on TV, and partly because we went to Robson Square where the Olympic mascots were giving a show on ice three times a day. Zak ended up going many times. Sometimes more than once a day. Our boy loved it. I think they know the show by heart at this point.

So yesterday we headed to Robson Square again to see if they rented skates small enough for our boy. The smallest ones were exactly his size! We suited up, spent 10 minutes adjusting a helmet to our boy’s head, then jumped on the ice.

Stumbled, I guess, would be closer to the truth. How do you teach a 2-and-a-half-year-old to skate? I can skate pretty good, although I have certainly lost most of my agility on ice, but I couldn’t for the sake of me teach my boy. I was trying to tell him not to walk on the ice, to keep one foot on the ice and push sideways with the other, but either he couldn’t understand what I asked, either he just couldn’t do it. I guess as soon as he felt a loss of balance he would walk to stay upright. He still love it, so we had a great (although short) time. After half an hour of going around hanging for dear life (to us or to a specially made stand), he was ready to put his shoes back on. And to be honest, we were ready to: our backs were hurting from trying to keep him vertical.

I don’t really care how good he did, I just wanted him to have fun, and he liked it, so the objective is reached. Zak will see if he can find cheap, used skates as the skating is free – only the rental is not. But I would really like some advice on teaching a toddler to skate. Anyone out there knows how to do it?

First skate with Zak First skate

First skate with Sophie

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