Snot and cough…

My two boys are sick. Their noses and eyes are leaking, they’re coughing up their lungs… So far I have resisted the disease, but I’m crossing my fingers!

Last night I had my prenatal fitness class so I got home late, and I had promised our boy I would go give him a kiss, but he was already asleep, so I didn’t dare go. But just as we were going to bed, hours later, he started coughing again and again, and he sounded so miserable that we thought I should go check up on him. He kinda woke up, extended his arms for a hug (thinking I had just come home, I suspect), and I could see the snot glisten on his face (the arms of his pajamas were all crusty when he got up in the morning – too much info, I know). I asked if he was ok, and he weakly said “Yeah”. He was so pitiful! Then as I was leaving I heard his little voice asking “Maman, can you turn the music on please please?” So I started the lullaby CD we always play for him at bedtime, gave him one last kiss (checking to see if he had a fever at the same time) and left.

Of course, between the two coughers, I barely slept. Not to mention that my mind was racing because we just bought tickets for a trip to Quebec, and I was thinking of everything we would have to bring. And Zak’s cell phone rang at 5:30. So I’m exhausted, and since I’m really hoping I won’t catch their cold, I am off to bed now.

Good night!

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