So it seems like…

…there’s a baby in my tummy after all!

This has been the running gag ever since we told our son I was pregnant. We were afraid something would happen since it was so early in my pregnancy, so we told him that “we thought there was a baby in mummy’s tummy, but we had to go see a doctor who would verify”. That was just before the ultrasound. Turns out there was something, although calling it a baby at that point was a bit of a stretch, so we baptized “it” plancton as it was even smaller than the “shrimp” we had seen at the first ultrasound of my first pregnancy. Zak and our boy have continued the joke, with our son saying “There’s a baby in mummy’s tummy” and Zak responding “You think? No! I don’t believe it!”

Between my crazy work schedule during the Olympics and my switching from doctor to midwife, I ended up skipping some apointments, and now at 16 weeks I still hadn’t had any physical examination done. So since I saw the plancton on the ultrasound, I had received no other proof that I was actually pregnant – except, of course, for my quickly-expanding belly. Obviously, I had no real doubt I was pregnant, but when you can’t feel the baby yet and you haven’t heard the heartbeat, it can all seem rather unreal.

Yesterday afternoon, we went for our first real apointment with the midwife, and we heard the heartbeat. It was definitely there, and everything else seems in order, too. So there is something with a heartbeat in my belly. It’s a pretty good start! Now only three more weeks and I’ll have another ultrasound – and yet another proof that the growth in my belly is caused by an actual child.

I guess it’s almost time to start thinking of a name…

To know or not to know the sex of our baby?

When I was pregnant with our first child, we started out not wanting to know if it was going to be a boy or a girl. But as the time passed, I started feeling like a lot of people were rooting for a girl, since I already had a nephew and no nieces. So although I knew everyone would be happy as long as I had a healthy child, I was afraid of feeling some disappointment at birth if I had a boy. We decided to ask for the sex, and we were glad to know ahead of time we were going to have a boy

This time around, I really don’t care if I have a boy or a girl. It would be nice to have a girl so we get to know both, but on the other hand, we already have boys clothes, and two boys could share a room for longer and may be closer in temperament… or not! So I kinda want to keep it a surprise. I know I won’t have another child (unless circumstances change dramatically in the future), so it’s my last chance to experience what it’s like to find out only at birth. I find it really tempting.

Zak says he doesn’t care one way or another, so I guess we won’t ask, unless something makes me change my mind. The only thing that could maybe have an influence would be if our boy really cared more one way or another. For now, he says he wants a sister, but I don’t think it’s that important to him. So as Zak suggested, we may put him in charge of telling everyone the sex of the baby at birth – you know, to get him involved in the process. I’m sure he’ll be good at it!

First skate – Updated

Since the Olympic Games have begun, our son has been asking to go ice skating. Partly because he saw figure skaters, speed skaters and hockey players on TV, and partly because we went to Robson Square where the Olympic mascots were giving a show on ice three times a day. Zak ended up going many times. Sometimes more than once a day. Our boy loved it. I think they know the show by heart at this point.

So yesterday we headed to Robson Square again to see if they rented skates small enough for our boy. The smallest ones were exactly his size! We suited up, spent 10 minutes adjusting a helmet to our boy’s head, then jumped on the ice.

Stumbled, I guess, would be closer to the truth. How do you teach a 2-and-a-half-year-old to skate? I can skate pretty good, although I have certainly lost most of my agility on ice, but I couldn’t for the sake of me teach my boy. I was trying to tell him not to walk on the ice, to keep one foot on the ice and push sideways with the other, but either he couldn’t understand what I asked, either he just couldn’t do it. I guess as soon as he felt a loss of balance he would walk to stay upright. He still love it, so we had a great (although short) time. After half an hour of going around hanging for dear life (to us or to a specially made stand), he was ready to put his shoes back on. And to be honest, we were ready to: our backs were hurting from trying to keep him vertical.

I don’t really care how good he did, I just wanted him to have fun, and he liked it, so the objective is reached. Zak will see if he can find cheap, used skates as the skating is free – only the rental is not. But I would really like some advice on teaching a toddler to skate. Anyone out there knows how to do it?

First skate with Zak First skate

First skate with Sophie

Snot and cough…

My two boys are sick. Their noses and eyes are leaking, they’re coughing up their lungs… So far I have resisted the disease, but I’m crossing my fingers!

Last night I had my prenatal fitness class so I got home late, and I had promised our boy I would go give him a kiss, but he was already asleep, so I didn’t dare go. But just as we were going to bed, hours later, he started coughing again and again, and he sounded so miserable that we thought I should go check up on him. He kinda woke up, extended his arms for a hug (thinking I had just come home, I suspect), and I could see the snot glisten on his face (the arms of his pajamas were all crusty when he got up in the morning – too much info, I know). I asked if he was ok, and he weakly said “Yeah”. He was so pitiful! Then as I was leaving I heard his little voice asking “Maman, can you turn the music on please please?” So I started the lullaby CD we always play for him at bedtime, gave him one last kiss (checking to see if he had a fever at the same time) and left.

Of course, between the two coughers, I barely slept. Not to mention that my mind was racing because we just bought tickets for a trip to Quebec, and I was thinking of everything we would have to bring. And Zak’s cell phone rang at 5:30. So I’m exhausted, and since I’m really hoping I won’t catch their cold, I am off to bed now.

Good night!

In case you didn’t know yet…

I’m pregnant!

I have been postponing the moment I would talk about it on this blog in order to tell everyone first, but I have decided to give up. I have told most people, but there are some I just haven’t been able to get in touch with and I have been aching to talk about it, since really, there is nothing else worth talking about when you’re pregnant, is there? So now you know…

I am at 14 weeks, due August 30. Our boy will be 3, which is what we wanted initially. So far everything is going well. I was really tired in January and felt a bit sick a few times, but it was really not that bad, and now things are much better.

I want to enjoy this pregnancy because it is my last. Unless things change tremendously, we will not have another child as two is already probably more than we can afford in Vancouver.

Our son is not exactly excited about the news. Of course, he’s still young and since my belly doesn’t show much yet, it’s very unreal to him. But when we said we thought I had a baby in my belly, his first reaction was “No, you can’t!” I asked him why, and he replied “Because I came out!”. I guess he still wants to be my baby. He has been very cuddly and often asks me to rock him like a baby. I oblige – it’s not a big sacrifice!

So you can expect to hear about my belly a lot in the next six months… Now that the Olympics are over, there won’t be much else to talk about!