After starting the Olympics on a good note with a great show last weekend, we wanted to go see another show on Friday. Lennie Gallant. He’s a folk singer from Atlantic Canada, very soft music, I love him. Well, he was playing at LiveCity Yaletown and there were so many people waiting in line at 3:30 – for the 7:30 show that we had to give up. The most frustrating thing was that the people in the crowd were mostly 18 to 20-year-olds, who most likely didn’t care at all about Lennie Gallant. They were there for the DJ at 9:30. I wonder if anyone listened to Lennie Gallant or even cheered. It left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

The line-ups are so long that it’s almost impossible to do any Olympic activity. Saturday we went to O-Zone in Richmond, where we were able to get in easily (we were there early), but there was really nothing to do. And you should have seen the line-up for Holland-Heinecken House! We had to wait in line to take the SkyTrain back (it took only 20 minutes, but still), the street are so packed downtown that it’s almost scary walking there with our son. Yesterday we did manage to see the Native Craft Village, which was nice, but not the Aboriginal Pavilion (the line-up was crazy). In the end, the only nice thing I’ve seen of the Olympics is the sunny weather and the buskers. They are good, free, and you can usually maneuver around enough to see them.

Last night we went to Granville Island to see a show by a Quebec group, Les Cowboys Fringants. The show was supposed to start at 7:30. The site is large, there is no security, so we were able to get in at 7:30. But it was the end of the previous show. All in all, a good thing, because their music was really good. Then they finished at 7:50ish, and the main group didn’t start until 8:30. We had already decided to leave at 9 since I work  very early and we had brought our son, who is usually in bed by 7:30. In the half hour of show I saw, the group didn’t manage to play any of their biggest successes. I guess they kept them all for the end. But I was really disappointed.

People are saying that the ambiance around the city is amazing, and it’s true, it’s pretty crazy. I have never seen that many people in the streets. But it makes it really hard to see anything, do anything or get anywhere. It’s just not really enjoyable. Maybe if I didn’t have a child and had nothing else to do but wait in line all day, I’d find it amazing. Right now, I find it slightly annoying!

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