When I got home from work yesterday, my son was lying on the floor, his head on the couch cushion, and all he could say to me was “Maman, I am really really sick”!

Zak had warned me: he threw up several times throughout the day and wouldn’t keep even water down, so I stopped to buy chicken broth and pedialyte, the latter in liquid and popsicle form, just in case.  He was on the floor because he had puked on the couch, which Zak had to wash (just like his jacket, his shoes and all the other clothes he and Zak had worn that day). He was miserable.

In an effort to rehydrate him, we offered him both forms of pedialyte, broth and diluted orange juice that Zak had prepared. He declared they were all yucky, but he had a few sips of each, especially when we bribed him with a special permission to play on our iPod touch if he drank a little. He kept it down, but all he wanted was water. And then food once he felt a bit better. We just kept trying to make him drink, then we put him to bed. He woke up at 4 in the morning,he was trying to take off his diaper to use the potty. I shipped him back to bed as soon as possible (after putting a new diaper on him and forcing a bit more liquid down his throat). Then he woke up at 5. Then at 5:20

I guess he was probably hungry. Plus he had a nap yesterday and didn’t move much, so I guess he wasn’t tired anymore. But now I am…

This morning he seems fine, he ate some toast and drank some water. So we’re keeping our fingers crossed. Especially so we can sleep better tonight!

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