The end of the boob…

So it seems that I have weaned my son. At 2 and a half, many will say that it was more than time. And to tell you the truth, I’m not even really sad about it. It happened quite naturally: I have been sent to work at VANOC for the duration of the Olympics, which forces me to leave at a specific time in the morning (no more “you come in when you want” work situation). Our boy stopped napping in the afternoon, so he needs to sleep longer at night. With all that combined, I have barely seen him in the morning all of last week, and yesterday I even had to leave while he was still sleeping.

And so with the change of the routine, I stopped breastfeeding him. It just happened. He didn’t even ask me – I guess he didn’t think about it, as we were running to have breakfast as soon as he woke up. And now a week later I fear the day when he will think about it again, because I will have to say no. It is too good an occasion to wean him not to take it. I mean, I can’t go on breastfeeding him forever. So it may as well be now when it happens naturally. He’s had a good run at it: most kids are weaned way before their second birthday, which was the goal I had in mind given the recommendation by the WHO. And our boy was so attached to his morning snack that I was really wondering how I would ever manage to wean him.

Well, it seems to be over now.  I’m glad, I really am. I just need to convince myself that I am. Because it also means the end of something that had been going on for 30 months. The end of a special relationship, something that nobody but me could give him, something he obviously enjoyed that came from me and me alone. And of course, it also means that my son is growing up – which is also evidenced by his renewed interest in potty training.

So I guess I am a little bit sad. But just a little. That is why we have kids, after all, isn’t it? To see them grow and become increasingly independent until they leave.  And besides, my boy will still hold my hand, even in public, and likes a cuddle once in a while. So I’ll concentrate on what I can still enjoy and say goodbye to breastfeeding. For now…

2 Responses to “The end of the boob…”

  1. ta vieille mère Says:

    je comprends que ça te rende nostalgique, mais toute bonne chose a une fin
    nos enfants grandissent qu’on le veuille ou non et même si on voudrait que ce soit le plus tard possible

  2. sophie Says:

    Ouais, je sais, comme je disais, il était grand temps… Mais bon, c’est quand même mon bébé!