Canadian man killed in bus crash in Argentina

I’m a little late in the news, but I found about this late and then I forgot to write about it…

Do you remember that bus crash? It was back in March. I heard about it on the radio, but they didn’t mention the name of the victim and besides, that kind of stuff happens all the time. Two Canadians killed in the sinking of a ferry here, one Canadian killed in a plane crash there. I always think, who cares that there were Canadians?  Am I supposed to feel more strongly about this even because a Canadian was killed in it? There are more than 30 millions of us. I’m not any closer to this victime than I would be to a Hungarian or a Mexican man killed in a crash.

But this case was different. As my father told me later, the man killed in that specific crash was my great-uncle, my grandmother’s brother. I never knew him well and I hadn’t seen him in years, but all of a sudden it changed my outlook on this strategy. My great-uncle, a retired judge, was very active in humanitarian causes. He was travelling with his wife of God know how many years, and they exchanged seats shortly before the crash. I don’t remember why, maybe he or she wanted to look out the window. Minutes later, he was dead and she was struck with a major case of survivor’s guilt. Not to mention the grief.

We never say it enough: enjoy every minute of your life, and make sure you tell your loved ones that you love them. A lot. All the time. You never know which day will be your last. You never know if you’re going to have lots of time to enjoy retirement or not.

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  1. Danielle Says:

    Je savais, oui… Ca m’a fait mal au coeur, je l’avoue, surtout que j’ai appris quelques détails sur notre grand-oncle à ce moment-là qui m’ont fait plaisir, et si je n’en ai pas parlé sur le blog, c’était par crainte de révéler mon identité, pourtant pas trop, trop cachée!!!! Un petit sursaut, peut-être!! Je t’embrasse, tu fais bien d’en parler, ça me fait bien plaisir!!! Bonne année, ma Sophie!!!