So sad!

Our son loves Duplos, those bigger Legos made for toddlers. We have quite the collection already, but Zak loves them too, and with the winter months he has been spending a little bit more time inside trying to entertain our 2-year-old, so he wanted more. Of course, our son is always happy with more toys, too. So Zak went on eBay and found some nice sets for sale for a decent price. We got one delivered yesterday, but we wanted to keep some for Christmas, so we didn’t give them to our boy right away.

After he had gone to bed, we took the box out and started digging in it to see what was there, sorting out what was going to be kept hidden. Then suddenly, we started hearing some bawling coming from our son’s room. I ran upstairs to find our little boy sitting in his bed, his pillow and his pajamas completely wet with tears. He looked at me and said, mortified:

- Papa is playing Legos without me!

Boy, did I ever feel cheap! So I said that Papa was not playing (which was true), that he was simply putting the toys away (which was false). And I cuddled him until he calmed down, put him back to bed with a hug and a kiss and went back downstairs. Needless to say, we waited for a while more before we put away the new Duplos.

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