Christmas is fun

Our boy loves Christmas. He keeps talking about “the man who will come at Christmas” (he forgets his name), and he sings Christmas songs to the top of his lungs. Yells may be more accurate:

- Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, we’re going into the sleigh.

True, he’s mixing up the different carols together. But eh, he’s only two! And he dances to the songs he sings, too. When we asked what he would like Santa to bring him on Christmas, he asked for chocolates. Probably because we have an advent calendar with chocolates, so he may thinks that’s Santa’s doing also.  My bet is he’ll change his tune when he realizes that Santa can also bring toys. But we’ll make sure he doesn’t forget the chocolate this year…

I can’t wait to put out some milk and cookies for Santa. Actually, it will not be milk, but eggnog (which in our house we call “chicken milk”, the literal translation of the French name of the drink). Before I moved here, I thought eggnog was a myth, something they drank in movies or stories, but the idea seemed so gross to me that I was appalled when I found out Zak actually liked that concoction.  I’m warming up to it slowly: it’s not bad, but it still seems wrong somehow. Our boy, of course, loves it (could have something to do with the amount of sugar it contains), and we promised we would leave some out for Santa. He must get sick of milk, after a while!

Anyway, there’s only 10 days left now before Christmas. And our shopping is mostly done. That’s a miracle!

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