The thing about Tiger Woods…

So I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing about Tiger Woods at this point. Me too. But something bothers me with this story, and it’s not what everyone is talking about.

I couldn’t care less whether or not he cheated on his wife. It’s none of my business (or yours) and it’s not unexpected. Most people cheat on their spouses at some point in their life. And if Woods wants to apologize to the population for failing his family, it’s his right.

What bothers me is what nobody is talking about: even if he has cheated on his wife, it doesn’t give her the right to assault him! I know, we don’t know for sure (and maybe never will) if he caused his accident himself or if he was running away from his wife, and whether his injuries were only a result of the car crash or were also caused by his wife’s fury. He may be protecting her like so many beaten wives protect their husbands. But reverse the situation in your head for a minute: Tiger Wood’s wife crashes her car while running away from him who, furious because she cheated on him, just gave her a black eye. But she is looking for forgiveness so she sticks to the official version. How funny would that be? How would it be treated in the media? How many papers would publish something entitled: “Tiger and his Tigress”?

It wouldn’t be funny. But when it’s a woman becoming aggressive towards her man, somehow, it seems that it’s not a big deal. It’s sexy. Grrr…

I don’t think it’s funny.

3 Responses to “The thing about Tiger Woods…”

  1. ta vieille mère Says:

    je suis tellement d’accord; on ne parle jamais de la violence faite aux hommes comme si ce n’était pas important ou qu’ils l’avaient méritée
    personne ne mérite d’être violenté, tu as raison

  2. Anne Says:

    I’m not even sure what my opinion is on this topic, and I’m sure your purpose wasn’t to be funny, but you did make me laugh, and that after a very long day. Especially the last sentence, which recalled me of the movie Little Miss Sunshine. Well, anyway, I guess you’re right about everything. The problem is men are seen as a potential threat to women, and not the other way around.

  3. Sophie Says:

    I guess men may be a bigger death threat to women, but women can definitely be a threat, too! I just feel like we’re too complacent towards women sometimes. Equality also means not being allowed to do to men what they’re not allowed to do to us, no? And if Tiger Woods’ wife really caused the “lacerations on the face” the media talked about, I would certainly consider it a threat! He may not have risked death, but at least disfigurement!