Canadian man killed in bus crash in Argentina

I’m a little late in the news, but I found about this late and then I forgot to write about it…

Do you remember that bus crash? It was back in March. I heard about it on the radio, but they didn’t mention the name of the victim and besides, that kind of stuff happens all the time. Two Canadians killed in the sinking of a ferry here, one Canadian killed in a plane crash there. I always think, who cares that there were Canadians?  Am I supposed to feel more strongly about this even because a Canadian was killed in it? There are more than 30 millions of us. I’m not any closer to this victime than I would be to a Hungarian or a Mexican man killed in a crash.

But this case was different. As my father told me later, the man killed in that specific crash was my great-uncle, my grandmother’s brother. I never knew him well and I hadn’t seen him in years, but all of a sudden it changed my outlook on this strategy. My great-uncle, a retired judge, was very active in humanitarian causes. He was travelling with his wife of God know how many years, and they exchanged seats shortly before the crash. I don’t remember why, maybe he or she wanted to look out the window. Minutes later, he was dead and she was struck with a major case of survivor’s guilt. Not to mention the grief.

We never say it enough: enjoy every minute of your life, and make sure you tell your loved ones that you love them. A lot. All the time. You never know which day will be your last. You never know if you’re going to have lots of time to enjoy retirement or not.

So sad!

Our son loves Duplos, those bigger Legos made for toddlers. We have quite the collection already, but Zak loves them too, and with the winter months he has been spending a little bit more time inside trying to entertain our 2-year-old, so he wanted more. Of course, our son is always happy with more toys, too. So Zak went on eBay and found some nice sets for sale for a decent price. We got one delivered yesterday, but we wanted to keep some for Christmas, so we didn’t give them to our boy right away.

After he had gone to bed, we took the box out and started digging in it to see what was there, sorting out what was going to be kept hidden. Then suddenly, we started hearing some bawling coming from our son’s room. I ran upstairs to find our little boy sitting in his bed, his pillow and his pajamas completely wet with tears. He looked at me and said, mortified:

- Papa is playing Legos without me!

Boy, did I ever feel cheap! So I said that Papa was not playing (which was true), that he was simply putting the toys away (which was false). And I cuddled him until he calmed down, put him back to bed with a hug and a kiss and went back downstairs. Needless to say, we waited for a while more before we put away the new Duplos.

Christmas is fun

Our boy loves Christmas. He keeps talking about “the man who will come at Christmas” (he forgets his name), and he sings Christmas songs to the top of his lungs. Yells may be more accurate:

- Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, we’re going into the sleigh.

True, he’s mixing up the different carols together. But eh, he’s only two! And he dances to the songs he sings, too. When we asked what he would like Santa to bring him on Christmas, he asked for chocolates. Probably because we have an advent calendar with chocolates, so he may thinks that’s Santa’s doing also.  My bet is he’ll change his tune when he realizes that Santa can also bring toys. But we’ll make sure he doesn’t forget the chocolate this year…

I can’t wait to put out some milk and cookies for Santa. Actually, it will not be milk, but eggnog (which in our house we call “chicken milk”, the literal translation of the French name of the drink). Before I moved here, I thought eggnog was a myth, something they drank in movies or stories, but the idea seemed so gross to me that I was appalled when I found out Zak actually liked that concoction.  I’m warming up to it slowly: it’s not bad, but it still seems wrong somehow. Our boy, of course, loves it (could have something to do with the amount of sugar it contains), and we promised we would leave some out for Santa. He must get sick of milk, after a while!

Anyway, there’s only 10 days left now before Christmas. And our shopping is mostly done. That’s a miracle!

Summary of my work week…

Well, that was a few weeks ago, but I forgot to post it…

Monday: Hi Sophie, client A asked if we could deliver project B earlier than planned. We’ve already said yes. I know it shows in the task manager that this change will have you do 20 hours of overtime this weekend, but it will take you less time than planned, right? Of course, you will have to do some overtime this weekend in order for us to meet the new deadline we agreed to without asking for your opinion. But not too much overtime, we hope…

Tuesday: Miss N, who was doing half of project B, has been “volunteered” for another, more important mission. She will be busy all day tomorrow for something that has to do with the Olympics, so it has priority. We found a contractor to do her half of project B, and we gave them a part of your half, too, so you’re off the hook for overtime. Actually, you even have free time now according to the task manager. So here are projects C, D and E. You’ll have time to do them, right?

Wednesday: Well, it seems like Miss N will be stuck with this Olympics project for the foreseeable future, so you’ll have to take on projects F, G and H that she was supposed to do this week and next. I’m sorry for the overtime you’ll have to do this weekend.

Thursday: Miss P is sick and she was supposed to do projects I and J today. You’ll have to do them. But it’s ok, because Miss N will be here tomorrow after all, so she’ll be able to take back project F and G. Or at least one of those. We think. We’ll know for sure tomorrow. In the meantime, try to ignore what the task manager tells you about all the overtime you’ll have to do. Oh, and by the way, the work we sent to contractors? Yeah, project B, but also projects K, L and M? We had problems with our email, so the work was never sent, and the contractors didn’t know it was coming, so we just found out today. That means we have to postpone the contractor’s deadline, because he now has one or two days less to do the work. But it will be done in time for the client’s deadline, it just means you’ll have less time for quality insurance next week. A lot less time.

Friday: Guess what? Miss N is still stuck on the Olympics project today, in the end. So you’ll keep all your projects, plus project O that we thought she’d be able to do today. But she’ll be here on Monday, at least we think she will, so she should be able to do project F. At least it’s likely. We’ll see on Monday. Try to have a nice weekend while ignoring that if things stay as they are, you have about 60 hours of work to do next week…

And then people laugh at public servants, saying that they are lazy and never work. Well, some are (I’ve seen it), but let me tell you: this week, I’ve earned my salary, if only for the accumulated stress.

Growing up is hard to do…

Having more responsibility at work sometimes suck.

Last week, someone was fired upon my recommendation.

To be fair, it’s been a long time coming, he knew he wasn’t reaching his goals as a trainee, he was given lots of chances to improve and the evaluation I was asked to write was based on pretty objective criteria. I don’t think someone else would have come to different conclusions, and he doesn’t hate me for it.

It still sucks. Especially since this person has tried so hard, wants to succeed so hard, puts in more hours than required and is nice to everyone. Oh, and he’s 60. Hard to find a new job at 60 in this economy. Just before Christmas

Sad day. I feel like crap. But then, probably not as much as he does…

The thing about Tiger Woods…

So I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing about Tiger Woods at this point. Me too. But something bothers me with this story, and it’s not what everyone is talking about.

I couldn’t care less whether or not he cheated on his wife. It’s none of my business (or yours) and it’s not unexpected. Most people cheat on their spouses at some point in their life. And if Woods wants to apologize to the population for failing his family, it’s his right.

What bothers me is what nobody is talking about: even if he has cheated on his wife, it doesn’t give her the right to assault him! I know, we don’t know for sure (and maybe never will) if he caused his accident himself or if he was running away from his wife, and whether his injuries were only a result of the car crash or were also caused by his wife’s fury. He may be protecting her like so many beaten wives protect their husbands. But reverse the situation in your head for a minute: Tiger Wood’s wife crashes her car while running away from him who, furious because she cheated on him, just gave her a black eye. But she is looking for forgiveness so she sticks to the official version. How funny would that be? How would it be treated in the media? How many papers would publish something entitled: “Tiger and his Tigress”?

It wouldn’t be funny. But when it’s a woman becoming aggressive towards her man, somehow, it seems that it’s not a big deal. It’s sexy. Grrr…

I don’t think it’s funny.

Appel à tous

J’ai besoin de l’aide de mes 2 (ou 3?) lecteurs fancophones…

Ces temps-ci, on se passe en boucle des CD de Noël, sauf que notre collection comporte environ 75 CD en anglais et un seul CD en français. C’est celui du choeur Vla l’bon vent, c’est très bon, mais je trouve qu’il ne revient pas souvent. Je voudrais donc me doter de quelques autres CD de musique de Noël en français, de préférence québécois. Avez-vous des suggestions d’incontournables à me proposer?

Merci d’avance!