Fun on a bus

We took several different buses this weekend to do some Christmas shopping. Our son loves it. He asks questions about everything that is going on, comments what everyone is doing and of course, being so awfully cute and funny (no bias here), he makes everyone smile (or laugh) and total strangers often start talking to him.

On one bus, though, that goes through the very poor downtown core, a strange lady who sat next to us pushed this a little bit too far. She started touching our son (pinching his cheek and such) and making funny noises like you would do for a dog. Zak, who had him on his lap, moved him a bit further from the lady, who eventually got up and sat somewhere else. Strange or not, I don’t like people touching my son, just like I wouldn’t have like a total stranger touching my belly when I was pregnant (luckily, it never happened to me).

On another bus, our boy was sitting on me and commenting everything. A man got on the bus and went to sit at the back. A lady hopped on at the next stop and our boy said:
- She’s going to go sit by the man?
- Maybe, I said (what else could I say?).
But the lady didn’t. She preferred to sit across the isle from the man, on another empty seat. Our boy exclaimed:
- She didn’t sit next to him. Maybe he stinks?

Zak and I were trying not to laugh too loud. Thankfully, his pronunciation is far from perfect and people around us didn’t seem to understand what he said, but we certainly did! I tried to explain that you shouldn’t tell people that they stink, but it’s hard to explain that to a 2-year-old, especially since Zak and I tend to tell each other that we stink on bean nights… I guess we’re giving him a bad example!

One Response to “Fun on a bus”

  1. Anne Says:

    When my son was about you son’s age, we used the bus and the subway a lot, in a very multiethnic neighborhood. When he’d say out loud “the man stinks”, or other nice things like that (which was true sometimes, but some poeple just smell different from the food they eat), we were happy people from India didn’t usually speak french. I remember pricisely on time he said that about a very tall and strongly built man… I was afraid he was gonna beat me up, but fortunately, he didn’t seem to hear or understand what had been said about him.