Babbling and other cutenesses

Things are going great at home. We are in a period of ease with our son: he is sleeping decently, he’s not being too confrontational and he’s just so cute! When he goes to bed, after I have tucked him in, he asks for another hug and kiss from Papa. Then we sometimes hear him babble in bed, and I have to admit we spy on him by turning on the monitor. We then listen to him inventing conversations between his bears, or singing songs (real ones or made up ones).

He still wakes up too early (like, 5) several times a week and I have to go tuck him back in (he tends to end up on top of his covers). But then he sometimes sleep until 6:30 and when he calls me again, he asks me “Is it morning now?” He says more and more French words, even though his sentences are still only in English. When we go to toy stores to see what we could ask Santa to bring him for Christmas, he wants everything, but really he’s just happy to play with display toys and leaves the store empty-handed without a fight (after asking us for “just 2 more minutes” several times, but still).

Really, things are going well. I’m looking forward to putting up the Christmas tree on Sunday. This time he’ll really be able to participate, and I’m sure he’ll love it!

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