The best Halloween in a long time…

Saturday afternoon, our son refused to nap for a second day in a row. Just as I was going to walk to the store with him to get some veggies for supper, the power went out. As we found out later, a crow had landed (fallen?) on a transformer, blowing it up, before finishing his life on the windshield of a car. The whole block was out of power. We went outside to find out what was happening, and many of our neighbors were there with their kids, who all played together. It felt like a block party!

By the time the power came back, it was close to 5, and since we were hoping to go Trick or Treating around 6:30, we didn’t have that much time left to go to the store and cook. Instead, with two other families, we walked to a restaurant nearby, grabbed some take-out food and had a picnic in the yard. It wasn’t even cold – it was such a beautiful fall day!

After this impromptu picnic, we went Trick or Treating with our little dragon, who did accept to wear his costume after all!

Friendly dragon

Everyone asked us if he was a crocodile or an alligator. Of course, he was a dragon, but since the original stuffed toy we used to make the costume was a crocodile, the misunderstanding is understandable. Our boy has fun knocking on doors and collecting candy, was only affraid of two adults wearing masks (but not scared enough to lessen the fun) and the best thing is, he didn’t care about the candy and never asked for it again, so I can eat it all. Well, I have to share with Zak a bit, but since he’s more health-conscious than I am, he still leaves most of it to me.

Our boy was pooped, especially since he hadn’t napped, so he went to bed at 8 pm. We thought he may sleep in, but no, he was up at 5 (new time), because his body was telling him it was 6. I hate time change! All in all, though, we had a wonderful day and the power outage only added to the community spirit of the event. And as far as I know, noone caught the flu in the process ;-)

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