A dragon, you said?

Our son (and Zak) were invited to a Halloween party yesterday afternoon. He slept late and I arrived home just as they were getting ready to go, so I went with them. I’m really glad I did, because I met a very interesting group of parents with children the same age as our son. One of the little boys was born 6 days later than him, and another one, 4 days after that. I had crossed path with some of the mothers before at different activities, but without getting to know them. And on top of being nice, the mom who invited us is French (Zak met her at his French class). So we’re hoping we can get together with them again!

Our boy had a blast, mostly because there were lots of toys that didn’t belong to him and a lot of them had wheels. But you know what? He absolutely refused to wear his costume. Now we’re hoping he’ll wear it on Saturday, after all the work Zak put into it. We warned him that he wouldn’t be allowed to knock on the doors if he didn’t wear his costume. We’ll see…

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