Happy Thanksgiving

I’m a little late, but I’ve been busy, as usual. This year, we didn’t have any plans for Thanksgiving, yet we received two last-minute invitations by neigbours who had bought too much food. I love living in a Co-op! Zak made some pumpkin-beer bread (very yummy, even for me who doesn’t like beer and doesn’t really like pumpkin either), some double-chocolate pudding and some yam puree, to complement the turkey our friends had made. We had a lot of fun, and our son ran around so much that he actually slept in this morning (until 6:45 instead of the usual 6).

Our 2-year-old is hilarious these days. Still stubborn, but oh! so funny! Yesterday afternoon he was repeating “Holy smokes!” after hearing his dad. And later, he was yelling “Oh my God!”. Not sure where he heard that, but he’s a real parrot these days. He also sings a lot, from Itsy-Bitsy Spider to Hand and Shoulder, Knees and Toes (in both French and English) to some folk songs we listen to a lot. He imitates older kids a lot in the courtyard. He wants to know where the moon (or grandpa and grandma, or the cat, or…)  is 100 times a day.

Really, life is good these days. Now we have to focus on Halloween: our son saw some neighbours playing outside with dragon costumes and he has decided he wanted to be a dragon too. So we have to figure out how to do that. We would also like to find time to go to the pumpkin patch, but there is not much time left and a lot of things planned. We’ll see!

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