One more banana…

My son loves bananas. Until today, he would eat the peeled part, then call for help so we would peel a bit more. We didn’t want to peel too much at a time because then he would break the open part and lose it. But he couldn’t peel it by himself. So we would help him out when he needed it. Until today, when he managed to peel his first banana by himself.

A very small milestone, true… but a milestone nevertheless!

One Response to “One more banana…”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Ca me fait penser à la tartine aux bananes de Nana qu’elle s’était faite!!!!

    C’est toujours amusant de voir leurs premières fois, à tenter de se débrouiller maladroitement mais courageusement!!!!

    Je t’embrasse!!