The moon, again…

- Maman, where the moon go?

- You won’t be able to see it tonight because it’s raining, there’s too many clouds.

- Where the moon is?

- It’s hidden behind the clouds!

- I go outside, and I climb on a ladder, and I poke the clouds and the moon comes out and I say “Hi, moon!”

A dragon, you said?

Our son (and Zak) were invited to a Halloween party yesterday afternoon. He slept late and I arrived home just as they were getting ready to go, so I went with them. I’m really glad I did, because I met a very interesting group of parents with children the same age as our son. One of the little boys was born 6 days later than him, and another one, 4 days after that. I had crossed path with some of the mothers before at different activities, but without getting to know them. And on top of being nice, the mom who invited us is French (Zak met her at his French class). So we’re hoping we can get together with them again!

Our boy had a blast, mostly because there were lots of toys that didn’t belong to him and a lot of them had wheels. But you know what? He absolutely refused to wear his costume. Now we’re hoping he’ll wear it on Saturday, after all the work Zak put into it. We warned him that he wouldn’t be allowed to knock on the doors if he didn’t wear his costume. We’ll see…

I want to be a dragon!

A few weeks ago, two of our young neighbors were playing outside dressed like dragons. Those were their Halloween costumes from last year, and I tried to explain to my son what this was all about. So it shouldn’t have come as a surprise when, a bit later, we asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween and he answered: “A dragon!”.

At first, I thought, he doesn’t even know what a dragon is! But then looking back, he does. We used to sing “Puff the Magic Dragon” to him all the time, and we read again and again the book we have about that song. He even named his favorite Lego man “Jackie Paper”, and the name sticks to this day. So I guess his choice wasn’t that far-fetched. Now the catch was to find a way to dress him like a dragon.

Zak found the solution, at Ikea. It required a bit of work, but he finished making the costume last night, just in time, since our son has been invited to a Halloween party this afternoon. I don’t have any photos yet, but he will be mighty cute, I can tell you that!

Now if only I knew what to do about Saturday’s Halloween candy…

Mon perroquet préféré

Après l’avoir sûrement entendu bien des fois, c’est rendu que chaque matin, quand je me prépare à aller travailler, mon fils me dit spontanément (et pas seulement en réponse à la même politesse), avec le plus mignon des zozotements au monde:

- Bonne zooonée maman!

À croquer!


Zak was telling me yesterday that some study proved that talking to your children a lot is the best way to improve their IQ. At that rate, our son will be a genius! Zak is ALWAYS talking to him. And obviously it works at least to some degree, because our 2-year-old is a chatter box and he is already making pretty long sentences. So without “knowing” anything about how to raise a child, Zak instinctively knew how to do what was best for his boy.

Of course, it makes a lot of sense. Take last night, for instance. Our son was playing Duplos with his Dad and I guess they built something that looked like a space shuttle, so Zak started talking about space shuttles and found some videos on YouTube showing them launching and landing. We watched them for maybe 15 or 20 minutes. The whole time, Zak was explaining to his son how they slowly transport the shuttle from the hangar to the launch pad, how big the thing was compared to humans, where the astronauts walk in and sit, how the boosters, who help the shuttle launch, separate after a while and fall back on Earth, how the landing gear deploys and the parachute helps slow down the shuttle on the runway…

Our son is barely two! I would have thought this was all waaaay above his head (and of course it is, he can’t possibly have understood all that). But he was fascinated and the first thing he wanted this morning is to watch more videos, and when he saw the shuttle he was pointing the boosters, saying how they go boom and shhhh and they fall to the ground, miming the movement with his hands… It’s amazing how much he actually took in! When you consider that some other parents we see at the playground are still using baby words like boo-boo and wee-wee, I guess it explains a lot!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love and admire my husband?
I love and admire Zak. Lots!

Where are your tools?

My son love to play “You are Baby and I am Maman”, or “Papa is Maman and Maman is Papa”. This morning, it went one step further:

- “This is my head”, he says, pointing at my head, “and this is your head”, he says, pointing at his.

So I grabbed his head with both hands, pretending to try and pull it out to put it on my neck, since it was my head. He giggled and was quite happy with himself when he said:

“No, you need a screwdriver or a knife!”

Where does he learn these things?

Understanding life

Our boy has been asking a lot of questions lately. He’s trying to make sense of everything around him. Like yesterday:

- When I’m older and I’m a woman, I go to work with you?

Blame it on the reversal of roles in this house ;-)