Terry Fox and the firemen…

Last Sunday we participated in the Terry Fox run… Well, we didn’t run, of course. We walked. It’s our fourth time in a row, the last three with our son and the friends we met in prenatal classes. This year, our boy biked on his run bike for probably 2 of the 3 km of the walk – almost all the way around the lost lagoon in Stanley Park. I was impressed

But the main excitement was the firetruck that was parked on the site before the run. We were early so we went to see it. The firemen were simply doing a PR operation, letting the kids climb aboard, telling them (and the curious parents) about their equipment and distributing stickers and other goodies. Our boy was too shy and didn’t want to go inside the truck (or even talk to the firemen, for that matter), but he did sit at the front and get to play with the hose. Plus, he was given a play fireman helmet (which he calls his firetruck helmet, but that’s a start) and a cardboard fire truck. The truck is pretty much destroyed by now, as he always wants to open and close it (and it’s not made to open and close), and the helmet should follow suit shortly (it’s very cheap plastic). But for a few days he played with them almost non-stop.

We’ll have to visit the firehall one of these days!

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