When I opened the door to our apartment yesterday morning, there was a pair of pink little girls’ panties on our doorstep…

It freaked me out a little bit. I mean, it’s not like someone could have just dropped them there on their way to the laundry room: my door step is not on the walking path. It would have had to be deposited there… But why? By who?

I see two possible solutions:

- Someone who knows we have a kid thought it was ours, forgotten in the laundry room, so they dropped it there. Seems unlikely as we have a 2-year-old boy and they were size 4-6 pink panties, but hey, some people are clueless.

- I did laundry the night before. And when I came home the last time, I had to put my basked down to chase after the cat, who always tries to run away whenever we open the door. So maybe I grabbed the panties with my laundry, or it got caught under the basket, and it fell on the doorstep. It’s the most logical explanation, but it is flawed since the people who did laundry before me (I used the same washers as them) don’t have a little girl. Their boy is still in diapers. So if the panties were leftovers from their laundry, then I don’t really want to know why they own them… And if they’re not, then how did they end up on/in my basket?

In any case, I took the panties back to the laundry room. We do have 6-year-old girls on our floor, so I suspect it must belong to one of them. As for how they landed on my doorstep, I will probably never know!

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