Bedtime conversation

I usually am the one who puts our son to bed, and I always ask him questions about how his day went. I make sure I know most of the answers, so I can fill in the blank when he doesn’t say anything. And often, I’m surprised by how much he remembers, what he tells me and the sometimes completely unrelated things he talks about. Like last night, when all of a sudden he declared:

- I go have food on a picnic table.

A bit taken aback, I asked where?

- Kelowna, he replied…

We have been talking about Kelowna with him because we are heading there again soon (it’s almost time to go harvest some pears, plums and maybe even apples), but we never talked about a picnic or anything of the sort. Again, as I have said many times since our boy started showing signs of understanding the world around him, I so wish I could see what his thoughts look like inside of his fast-developing brain!

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