My knee hurts!

That’s what our son had been telling us for a few days last week, and although we did kiss the boo-boo and give him a hug when he said that, we didn’t take him all that seriously. Zak has had problems with his knee over the winter, so our son often complains about his knees to be like daddy.

Friday morning, however, he started crying when he got up from his bed and refused to put any weight on his leg, reverting to crawling (or being carried in our arms). So Zak biked to the clinic, where the doctor preferred to send him to a pediatrician to confirm her diagnosis. She gave him a choice between waiting for 4 hours at the ER or riding to another clinic for an appointment in half an hour. So Zak got on his bike again and pulled our son as fast as he could to the other clinic, where the pediatrician confirmed the first diagnosis.

The medical term didn’t register, but it appears that after you have had a virus (which I guess means that’s what our toddler and I were stuck with last weekend), you can get inflammation in your joints. They don’t know why or how, but it gets better after a few days. So we were told to watch our son carefully and run to the ER if it got worse.

It didn’t, and this morning our boy is walking normally again. But Saturday we went to a birthday party for two of his friends, and he was quite funny to see: he was walking like an old man, slowly and all stiff. He also milked the situation by asking to be carried quite a bit. And he didn’t expend enough energy, which started to really show last night when we had an exhausting meal-preparation hour with constant requests for attention.

But all is well that ends well. Once again, we are lucky.  I cross my fingers, hoping all of his medical problems will always be solved that easy!

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