Big boy…

After his first sleeping bag, our boy is trying this week his first real bedsheets. Up until now, he always slept in a sleep sack, this kind of wearable blanket that was made very popular by the research on SIDS (as the baby cannot get entangled – and choke – in it). But now that his sleep sack is getting too small, that he takes it off most nights and that the weather is getting cooler, he graduated to a real sheet and a real duvet in a cute Ikea duvet cover.

We went to Ikea because they seem to be the only store who sell linen with fun prints and designs in bright colors without the branding that usually goes with it. Other stores seem to have only Dora, or Disney linen. I know, some day our boy will discover the corporate world, but for now, I don’t think he’s missing anything by being kept away from TV and children’s characters! So the longer we can keep the status quo, the better!

Ikea also has another big perk: they follow the more stringent European safety rules, which means that their mattresses or linens do not contain carcenogenic fire retardant. At least I don’t think they do. You can never be 100% sure these days…

All that to say that he loves his new covers and it allows him to run upstairs at bed time, hide in his bed and wait for his daddy, who comes up growling like a monster, pretends to search for him and, when he finds him underneath the covers, tickles him until they’re both laughing their heads off.

I love my boys!

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