Back from camping

All in all, we had a great time camping, except…

***Warning: following are gory details of illnesses. Read at your own risk***

Friday night I was dehydrated. That happens to me way too often: I get a headache, I’m a bit nauseous and I need to go lie down so I can get better. Then at 3 in the morning, our son woke up crying and I just had time to lift him up from his sleeping bag before he started throwing up. I luckily caught the first batch of vomit in my hand (!!!), then Zak reacted really quickly and grabbed our “dirty diapers” bag to catch the rest in. We then walked to the washroom to clean up, came back to the tent and our son threw up again (this time partially on the tent floor), so I sat up on a chair with him to help him sleep upright, hoping it would help him sleep better and make it so I could react quickly when he throws up again. Which happened twice. At 5, our boy asked to go lie down, which came as a relief since I had been awake since 3. He slept until 7.

He was fine the next day, except for a bit of diarrhea. But he was laughing and running and eating normally, so we were able to go hiking and geocaching with him and our friends. The three toddlers had a long nap in the afternoon, then we all went to the playground. A quiet, relaxing day. The babies went to sleep tired and happy, and so did we. Our boy’s bum was getting a bit raw from the diarrhea, since we had forgotten the diaper cream, but he seemed to be doing better and we just felt so lucky he hadn’t thrown up in his sleeping bag!

Our boy slept through the night, but woke up at 6 and when I pulled him out of his sleeping bag, this time, he was dripping… with poop.  It had leaked from his diaper and from his clothes and was all over the (brand new) sleeping bag. Luckily, this was our last night! But we had to strip him down outside (and it was quite cold), wash him with diaper wipes (the campground had no showers or warm water), waking up the neighborhood of course because strangely, he didn’t enjoy it at all! He kept having more diarrhea – I think we changed him 6 times in 2 or 3 hours – and it started really hurting his bum. We were out of wipes, but luckily we were able to borrow some from our friends. On top of that, I was starting to feel nauseous again, so Zak ended up taking down the tent and putting everything away by himself while I could only sit down and try to entertain the toddlers.

We were supposed to go have a picnic with our friends after we left camp, but we figured out we had to get home ASAP to get some bum cream for our boy… who fell asleep about 90 seconds after the car started. I fought nausea the whole way home,  dozing on and off myself (very enjoyable drive for Zak). Of course, there was an accident on the Port Mann Bridge, so it took us 3 instead of 2 hours to get home. We finally made it,  but I lied down or slept all afternoon and evening, barely could eat anything and ended up quite sick myself. I took a sick day today as I cannot be more than a few feet away from a washroom.

I still enjoyed our weekend. We had a blast and I will do it again. We were not even bothered by mosquitoes! I just hope next time we’ll all be feeling good!

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